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embryonic Markers according to
- Doe CQ. (1992), Molecular markers for identified neuroblasts and ganglion mother cells in the Drosophila central nervous system.Development 116(4): 855-63.
- Broadus J, Skeath JB, Spana EP, Bossing T, Technau G, Doe CQ. (1995), New neuroblast markers and the origin of the aCC/pCC neurons in the Drosophila central nervous system.Mech Dev. 53(3): 393-402.
- Yang X, Bahri S, Klein T, Chia W. (1997), Klumpfuss, a putative Drosophila zinc finger transcription factor, acts to differentiate between the identities of two secondary precursor cells within one neuroblast lineage.Genes Dev.11(11): 1396-408.
- Isshiki T, Takeichi M, Nose A (1997), The role of the msh homeobox gene during Drosophila neurogenesis: implication for the dorsoventral specification of the neuroectoderm.Development 124(16):3099-109.
- Dormand EL, Brand AH. (1998), Runt determines cell fates in the Drosophila embryonic CNS.Development 125(9):1659-67.
- Chu H, Parras C, White K, Jiménez F. (1998), Formation and specification of ventral neuroblasts is controlled by vnd in Drosophila neurogenesis.Genes Dev. 12(22):3613-24.
- Weiss JB, Von Ohlen T, Mellerick DM, Dressler G, Doe CQ, Scott MP. (1998), Dorsoventral patterning in the Drosophila central nervous system: the intermediate neuroblasts defective homeobox gene specifies intermediate column identity.Genes Dev. 12(22):3591-602.
- Urbach et al., unpublished

Larval markers according to:
- Lacin H, Zhu Y, Wilson BA and Skeath JB (2014),Transcription factor expression uniquely identifies most postembryonic neuronal lineages in the Drosophila thoracic central nervous system. Development 141, 1011-1021.

embryonic Lineages according to
- Bossing T, Technau GM (1994) The fate of the CNS midline progenitors in Drosophila as revealed by a new method for single cell labelling. Development120 (7):1895-906.
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Larval lineages according to:
- Truman JW, Schuppe H, Shepherd D and Williams DW (2004), Developmental architecture of adult-specific lineages in the ventral CNS of Drosophila. Development 131, 5167-5184.
- Birkholz O, Rickert C, Nowak J, Coban IC, Technau, GM (2015), Bridging the gap between postembryonic cell lineages and identified embryonic neuroblasts in the ventral nerve cord of Drosophila melanogaster. Biol. Open 4:420-434.

Please note that in 2016 there was a publication by H.Lacin and J.Truman "Lineage mapping identifies molecular and architectural similarities between the larval and adult Drosophila central nervous system", eLife 2016;5:e13399. DOI: 10.7554/eLife.13399.
They describe two new embryonic lineages and assign 7 embryonic NBs to different larval lineages compared to the data presented here.